Roger Wing Sculpture of George Duffield

In 2015, Philadelphia-based sculptor Roger Wing was commissioned to carve a statue of George Duffield, who served Old Pine as minister during the Revolutionary War. Wing spent approximately one month carving Duffield’s likeness from the trunk of a Norway Maple tree that had been mostly removed because it was pushing over the wrought iron fence on Pine Street. Wing exploited the natural curve of the trunk to portray Duffield leaning forward, encouraging and preaching to the 300 Revolutionary War soldiers buried in the churchyard — much as he did in life.

In his pulpit at Old Pine and on Revolutionary War battlefields, Duffield railed against taxation without representation and advocated for the Colonies’ independence. His sermons outraged King George III, who placed a $50 bounty on Duffield’s head. But they also inspired many founding fathers, including John Adams, who told his wife Abigail that Duffield’s sermon comparing King George to the Egyptian Pharoah is what finally convinced him to join the cause of liberty.


Duffield’s accomplishments include serving as chaplain of all Commonwealth of Pennsylvania military forces for seven years, co-chaplain of the Continental Congress and editor of the first American Bible.


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