The 215 Guys – Website Designer

Every business or organization needs a website. These days, it’s super easy to make a website yourself with zero coding knowledge, but you still have to be technically inclined – a nerd/geek 🙂 If you’re not one of those, let us do it for you! We’re The 215 Guys – a web design company in Philadelphia. Find us over at

These are some reasons you need a website:

An online portfolio speaks volumes

Enough information about your brand is vital. Customers conventionally seek more details about a product – or services offered – by visiting your website.
Clients need an easy way to learn what your brand entails and how to reach you. Maybe you will occasionally add something new to the list of products. Having a website is the coolest thing, and the best part is how easy it gets when it comes to social media following. By just a click, customers should land on your site.

Build business value and credibility

People need hard evidence; actually, about 56% of people will not believe in a business unless it has a custom website. Without saying, a website increases business credibility.
A lasting first impression is what counts: lay out a good foundation for your business by creating a good introduction about what you have to offer.
As a top tier business, you need a website as a way of reaching out to the masses. A website is your go to tool for being one step ahead of the rest.

Having a website will end up saving you time

Time is everything in communication; whether you’re sending emails, receiving calls or handing out proposals. Your website will give important detail regarding common client questions. Since it is much easier to get in touch with customers, you get more time to do other important things.

Position yourself and stay in control of your brand

Social media alone cannot meet all demands when it comes to social media. Therefore, a website gives more insight to what your customers need plus how to deliver.
There are endless possibilities with having a website. You get edge over the market, and customer reviews are the reason why many businesses are thriving, and 79% of your customers will read them. If possible, include testimonials from customers as a validation for excellent services.

You now know why you need a website! Here at The 215 Guys (web design company) we want to help take your business to the next level!