Environmental Stewardship is one of our core values. Beginning in 2015, Old Pine began a certification process through GreenFaith, an organization that assists faith communities in lightening their carbon footprint and engaging in activism around environmental causes.


Our congregation composed the following mission statement outlining our core beliefs as they relate to our care for God’s earth.


We believe we are called by God to be responsible stewards of the earth and to develop a wholehearted relationship with Creation. We firmly resolve to:

  • Make “Restoring Creation” a central concern of our congregation, to be incorporated into its life and mission at every level.
  • Recognize that sustainability is an ongoing long-term project to which we must give our lifelong attention.
  • Acknowledge that change begins with us. We pledge to alter our lifestyles — individually and as a congregation — so that we tread more lightly upon the earth.
  • Focus our congregation’s efforts on social justice in Philadelphia, recognizing that marginalized communities bear the brunt of ecological abuse.
  • Appreciate the beauty of the world and use our creativity to joyfully relate to it.