Why Give?

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21)

As followers of Jesus, we’re convinced that an open hand is better than a closed fist. We’ve experienced the joy that comes in being generous with our time, talents, and finances and we’re committed to supporting programs that offer community support and healing to those within and outside our church walls.

Click here to learn about our 2021 pledge drive.


The Annual Pledge

The vast majority of our budget comes from pledges made by members of our community. There are some distinct advantages to this way of giving. First, our pledges tell the church how much of its vision it can afford to plan for the following church year. More importantly, our pledges are commitments that we make to being generous week in and week out.

Each fall, pledge cards are mailed and are also available by emailing the church office. Many people contribute each Sunday by placing a check in the offering plate during worship. However, we also now offer online giving, through Presbyterian Mission Exchange.

Click the “Donate Online” icon above to set up a recurring contribution or to make a one time donation to the ministry of Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church.

To make your annual pledge online, please set up a recurring payment and then email the church office to notify us of your annual pledge amount.

Thank you for joining with us in becoming a more generous community.