Donald Thomas

Donald has been a member for many years. On Saturday mornings, you can find him at our Community Center, where he generously washes dishes for our Saturdays for Seniors program. Here’s some of Donald’s story.


“In January 2001, a car accident changed my life. A driver fleeing the police hit the car my brother was driving. I was in the passenger seat. He was killed instantly and I went into a coma for a month. After having 25 operations, the hospital staff began calling me the ‘Million Dollar Man’. I thought this was a compliment about my good looks. But the doctor said, ‘No, it’s because of your medical bill.’


During my coma, I had a vision of my brother visiting my room. He told me that I needed to take care of myself and fight to regain my strength. It was only later that I found out that he had not survived the accident.


My brother’s death helped me to be more open about my sexual identity. I realized that there’s not enough time in life to deny who I am. My partner Michael was by my side throughout my recovery.


There’s a poem I learned years ago that helps me keep perspective on my life.


The limp is no disgrace.
Although I cannot be number one, I still can run the race.
It’s not the things you cannot do that make you what you are.
It’s doing good with what you have that lights the morning star.”

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