Mission Trip

Mission Trip

Starting in 2006, Old Pine has sponsored an annual weeklong mission trip to help those in need rebuild after natural disasters. If you are interested in joining our annual trip, please contact the Mission committee at mission@oldpine.org.

Read about our work and view photos at the Mission Trip Blog.
Bayville, New Jersey (October 6-12, 2013)
Superstorm Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore. This year’s mission trip took the team of 11 to Bayville, NJ to help residents still struggling to re-build one year after the storm struck. We were lucky to be hosted by the Morning Star Presbyterian Church and got the opportunity to help homeowners Sharon, Linda, Donna and Jan get a little closer to returning to their homes. Read about the trip at our blog using the link above.

Towanda, Pennsylvania (2012)
The Mission Committee selected Towanda, PA for the 2012 Mission Trip. Tropical Storm Lee in September 2011 brought severe flooding to northeastern Pennsylvania. Check out our Trip Blog to learn more about our experiences in Towanda.
Huntington, West Virginia (2010 & 2011)
After 4 years of serving our brothers and sisters of Pearlington, the Mission Committee and Mission Trip Group decided to commit to an outreach within driving distance. We investigated situations in Maryland, Georgia and West Virginia. All three areas have been hard hit by Mother Nature and/or poverty. Our discussions were thoughtful and deliberate. Ultimately, timing and availability helped us clearly discern where God was leading us.

The 2010 Mission Trip was to wild and wonderful West Virginia! Our mission was to help the good people of Huntington, West Virginia recover from flooding, which has destroyed homes and disrupted normal, everyday life for hundreds of families. The team of 7 worked with one homeowner to renovate his bathroom, install new window and frame and repair external facia along the roof line. While some of us were called to physically go and work in West Virginia through the West Virginia Presbytery, we appreciated everyone who supported us through prayer and encouragement.

The 2011 Mission Trip took us back to West Virginia. The team of 11 worked to repair Glen and Linda’s bathroom and kitchen. We fixed flooring, installed new drywall, installed new kitchen cabinets, counter and sink, and installed a new tub, sink & vanity and toilet in the bathroom. We also hauled away debris from previous renovation work. We were blessed to spend the week getting to know the extended family while we worked and we look forward to keeping in touch. Special thanks to our leader Jeff, another volunteer from Indiana who is serving as construction manager for the month of July, and the great folks who hosted us at Bates Memorial Presbyterian Church.
Pearlington, Mississippi (2006-2009)
Note: Presbyterian Disaster Assistance successfully completed its work in Pearlington, Mississippi in the fall of 2009. We were privileged to be part of the 335 work teams and 4,630 volunteers to serve this tiny rural town. Read part of our story below:

In the first week of July 2006, a group from Old Pine Church went to Pearlington, Mississippi to work with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance on post-Hurricane Katrina recovery. The trip “stuck.” We headed down to the Gulf Coast four summers in a row 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. In 2009, our team of 19 once again returned to the small town of Pearlington to renew old friendships and continue the recovery efforts.

Pearlington is a small town (population 1600) located about an hour northeast of New Orleans. It was directly in the path of the eye of Katrina and experienced 10-20 feet of flooding from the Gulf and the nearby Pearl River. Many trees fell, and the mud damage from the floodwaters meant that most houses had to be gutted. While some homes were quickly rebuilt, much work remained to be done. Those who could afford the building materials have had their houses completed. Many could not afford to buy the materials and had to wait for grant money. Many folks in Pearlington continued to live in FEMA trailers for years, waiting.

We are mostly unskilled workers with nothing but our faith and a willingness to learn. Over the four trips we‘ve insulated, dry walled, framed, put on the final trim and helped Pam and Bubba, Mary, Mama, Matthew, Jack, Izzy and Mary, Terry, Whitney, Hezekiah, Lester and Miss Lily return home again.

In the end, we received far more than we gave.
For more information please visit Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.